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Thermal Imager


Its lightweight and slim profile fits into any work pocket

Built-in LED spotlight you can use as a flashlight and for photo illumination

MSX-enhanced thermal images provide stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier

FLIR Tools professional reporting software included - the industry standard in thermal imaging

Radiometric image stores 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal temperature measurement

Moisture Meter

Two measurement modes: Pin (%WME) and pinless (REL)

The pinless sensor on the back can detect moisture up to 2 in. behind walls and ceramic tile

Dual displays: Jumbo LCD and 40-dot LED bar graph

Includes a remote pin-type probe

The protective cover doubles as a calibration checker

Auto zero calibration.

Data hold function.

Auto power off with adjustable trigger

Measurement range/resolution6.0 to 87.6%WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) and 0.1 to 99 REL/0.1%

Mini Thermo-Anemometer

Large display of airflow or air velocity

Simultaneous display of air flow or air velocity plus ambient temperature

Easy to set area dimensions (cm2) are stored in the meter's internal memory for the next power on

20 point average for air flow

3-percent velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83-degree D (72mm) ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9-Feet (120cm) cable. 

Electrical Testers

The MM300 multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance and has a safety rating of CAT III 600V, Class 2, Double insulation

The NCVT-1 has a bright green LED to indicate the tester is working; it changes to red and warning tones sound when voltage is detected

NCVT-1 has a digitally-controlled ON/OFF power button and auto power-off feature to conserve and extend battery life

Receptacle tester detects wiring configurations and indicates correct wiring, and identifies common wiring faults

Identifies open ground, open hot, open neutral, hot/ground reversed; it does not indicate quality of ground, multiple hot wires, or a combination of defects


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Detection Range: 0-500 PPM CO

Operating Temperature Range: 20-50

Sampling Pump

Rechargeable, Power supply included

Visual and Audible Alarms

24 Foot Extending Pole 

Extendable pole is used with a camera to view high roof tops that are not visible from the ground. 

15.5 Foot Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping ladder is used to observe roof tops and attic spaces. 

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